Ingrown Toenail Care Range

An ingrown toenail is a painful foot condition in which the edge of the nail cuts into the flesh, this condition occurs most frequently in the big toe and may affect one or both sides of the nail. Initially it may only cause a little discomfort but as the nail grows deeper into the flesh the toe usually becomes infected and very painful.

An ingrown toenail is a serious condition for people with impaired circulation, diabetes or other systemic diseases should seek treatment from a HCPC Registered Chiropodist / Podiatrist or your family doctor.

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Ingrown Toenails - Gehwol Nail Softener

Nail Softener - Prevents ingrown toenails effectively.

Designed to soften the nail and hard cuticles and calluses on the adjacent nail wall. Discomfort disappears. The nails are able to grow out unobstructed. Dry cuticles that tend to tear are quickly softened and can then be gently pushed back.

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